m-tec wire GmbH: the advanced Calcium wires company
m-tec wire GmbH: the advanced Calcium wires company

m-tec-wire GmbH is part of the German group m-tec, headquartered in Töging am Inn, Germany (www.m-tec-powder.com). The group’s principal activity is the supply of additives, mainly for the steel industry.


m-tec wire is the m-tec business unit specializing in cored wires. We supply all types of cored wires for the steel industry on a worldwide basis from our premises in Voerde, Germany. Our main focus is on high-performance cored wires for the calcium treatment of molten steels.


Our team is composed of highly professional steel industry specialists with dozens of years of cumulated experience. If you are interested in highly effective calcium treatment of molten steel, clean steel practices associated to a significant reduction of the treatment cost, you should contact us.

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